Our dear friend and colleague, Adino, is off to America! He has been accepted to an intensive two-week Implementation Science course at the University of Washington in Seattle. The course will cover methods of improving global health implementation, including applied engineering, management tools, health systems, and policy research. We are excited for the skills and knowledge he will obtain; they will undoubtedly be useful for both his career development and SCOPE’s program implementation.

Adino grew up in Debark, a town located in northern Ethiopia, just 90 kilometers from Gondar. After completing high school, Adino enrolled in university, where he trained to become a public health officer. He graduated with the skills required to manage common clinical disorders and prevent public health issues in primary healthcare settings. After graduation, he was appointed to work as a health officer at a rural health center in Weynema for about ~ 1 year. Upon completion of his appointment, he returned to the University of Gondar to obtain his Masters in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. He is now a professor at the University and enjoys mentoring aspiring epidemiology and biostatistics students. Additionally, he is the project manager of SCOPE’s FLAME study.

As you can see, Adino is an accomplished global health professional with a wide range of skills and experiences. In addition to his qualifications, he is a charismatic individual and a true joy to be around. He was the first person Elizabeth and I met in Ethiopia, patiently waiting for us outside the Gondar airport gates. Adino always goes above and beyond to make sure we feel comfortable – helping us move in, giving us a tour of the Gondar castles, taking us to lunch, and always making us laugh at the office.

This will be his first time traveling outside Ethiopia and we hope America gives him a warm welcome! Bon voyage, Adino!

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