Elizabeth and I met up in Los Angeles airport at gate 68B. We are currently sitting on the plane in Dublin airport as we refuel for the final leg of our trip to Addis. The past few days were hectic planning, packing, running last minute errands, and saying goodbye to friends and family. Now that all the preparation is over, all I feel is excitement for our arrival in Gondar. I can’t wait to see the city, meet the study team, get settled, and start working.

Elizabeth and I were accepted as SCOPE fellows in February and have spent the past 4 months pondering this fellowship and mentally preparing for the work we hope to accomplish during our 6 months in Gondar. Our departure date has finally arrived and I’m eager to translate our designated projects into action.

I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of the FLAME study team. I strongly believe in the power of this program and am thrilled to take part in its design and implementation. I know I am going to learn and grow as a global health professional throughout my SCOPE fellowship and I am thankful for this opportunity.

Above all else, I cannot wait to meet the study team and work together. I know they are a group of talented, smart individuals and I can only hope I will offer the team half as much as they will inevitably teach me. I’m excited to put a face to their names and get to know them on a professional and personal level. We’re taking off now – see you soon!