Mehert Edenshaw

Fellow 2011

Meheret Edenshaw

Meheret Edenshaw

Meheret Endeshaw graduated from the University of Washington Department of Global Health’s MPH program inJune 2012. She received the SCOPE fellowship in June 2011 and worked in this capacity in Gondar, Ethiopia from June 2011 to December 2011.

Prior to her work at the University, Meheret worked for Americorps in Washington D.C. as a member of the HIV/AIDS Outreach Prevention and Education (HOPE) team, delivering a CDC approved HIV/AIDS curriculum to middle school and high school students throughout DC public schools.

Meheret also spent three months as project manager for 100 Projects for Peace in Dessie, Ethiopia where she wrote and received a $10,000 Davis Foundation grant and fundraised $6,000 to implement a self-designed grass-roots project, “Reducing Stigma for Ethiopian Children Orphaned to HIV/AIDS” with NRHSDO, a local NGO. In addition to the above work, Meheret has delivered the following presentations:

  • The Wit, the Will… and the Wallet Supporting Educational Innovation, Shaping Our Global Future at the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Jan. 2010
  • Ready or Not: Global Challenges, College Learning, and America’s Promise Association of American Colleges and Universities, Jan. 2009
  • Thesis presentation “Stigma of Obesity: Does it Affect Medical Resource Allocation?  Western Psychological Association, May 2008

Meheret is fluent in Amharic.