SCOPE partners with medical and faith communities to improve health in Ethiopia through outreach, education, and training.

SCOPE wins Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) award from the National Academy of Science and names it FLAME – Faith Leaders Advocating for Maternal Empowerment

SCOPE is excited to announce that the project funded by the PEER award has been named FLAME – Faith Leaders Advocating for Maternal Empowerment. The project is funded by the PEER award made to our partners at the University of Gondar by the National Academy of Sciences. The award provides funds to conduct a trial to test the efficacy of SCOPE’s Beruh Tesfa  (“Bright Hope”) project that partners community health workers and Orthodox priests to conduct outreach to increase knowledge of and access to life saving maternal and newborn services provided at public clinics. The results of the FLAME study will evaluate how effective the SCOPE model is and provide opportunities for future partnership to scale up the design if it is proven effective.

Dr. Getahun Asres, our longtime SCOPE program manager at the University of Gondar, will serve as the principle investigator on the award and two stellar faculty at the University of Washington, Drs. Judd Walson and Brandon Guthrie, will provide technical assistance. The PEER award will allow SCOPE to expand the Beruh Tesfa program to six new sites in 2017.  We look forward to sharing the progress of this award with you over the next two years and thank you for your continued support of our work!

For more information on the award, please read the full announcement.

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