Elizabeth and Sheldon start their fellowship!

by Nancy Andrews | June 15, 2017 7:18 pm

Elizabeth and Sheldon begin their journey to Gondar, Ethiopia in June! They will be participating in the FLAME study – a study funded by the National Academy of Sciences to research how SCOPE’s model of partnership between religious and medical communities can increase maternal and child healthcare uptake. Not only will Elizabeth and Sheldon use their training in quantitative and qualitative research methods to collect vital data for the FLAME study, but they’ll also be experiencing life in Gondar for the first time. Elizabeth and Sheldon will share stories of their trip on the SCOPE Stories blog[1]. For more information on Elizabeth[2] and Sheldon[3], click on their names to direct you to their bios.

  1. SCOPE Stories blog: https://scopestories.wordpress.com/
  2. Elizabeth: http://scopehealth.org/elizabeth-karman/
  3. Sheldon: http://scopehealth.org/sheldon-halsted/
  4. [Image]: http://scopehealth.org/sheldon-halsted/ekarman-picture/
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