SCOPE partners with medical and faith communities to improve health in Ethiopia through outreach, education, and training.

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  • Isaac Fuchs

    As a concurrent student at the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy & Governance



Anna first became aware of the world’s wonderful cultures and unfortunate inequalities at the age of 6 when she lived with her parents in Oaxaca, Mexico for a year. Her career has since taken her to Peru and Panama to develop and work on public health projects with assorted non-governmental organizations. She is now a fourth year medical student at the University of Washington who is interested in having a fulfilling career in family medicine. Prior to medical school Anna received a masters of environmental health from UW where she focused on understanding fish consumption habits in Seattle’s undeserved communities. Anna is grateful for the SCOPE fellowship, which will give her the opportunity to combine her clinical training with her passion for public health.  Her work in Gondar, Ethiopia will focus on reducing vertical transmission of HIV and maternal mortality by improving prenatal care access and acceptance through engaging religious leaders and community health workers. To follow her work and experience in Gondar, please feel free to read more at her blog:


Read more about Anna’s work here!