SCOPE partners with medical and faith communities to improve health in Ethiopia through outreach, education, and training.


Abere Dessie is currently an MPH student at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia, anticipating graduation in 2011.  His previous degrees, a BA in Sociology and a BSc in nursing, were also from the university of Gondar.  He has also completed specialized training in HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases.  Abere received the SCOPE fellowship in February 2011 and will work with the other two SCOPE fellows, Meheret Endeshaw and Sophia Teshome.

Prior to his SCOPE work Abere worked as a medical ward nurse for one year and then joined the CHRONIC ILLNESS PROJECT working on Diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, Epilepsy, TB and liver diseases.  His roles included project coordinator, training coordinator and trainer, field nurse and co-researcher.  As co-researcher he worked with Dr Shitaye and others from the UK on epilepsy and diabetes mellitus, publishing four papers.

Abere speaks Amharic and is fluent in English.


Abere's SCOPE Proposal: