SCOPE partners with medical and faith communities to improve health in Ethiopia through outreach, education, and training.

Ethiopia FB-208

Two of SCOPE’s fellows, Kate Pfizenmaier and Emily Robinson recently returned from three months in Gondar Ethiopia, working with and learning from religious leaders in the area. Read about what they accomplished, and their future projects for SCOPE in Gondar.

Kate Pfizenmaier: As a fellow in Gondar, I spoke with SCOPE’s partners from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, University of Gondar, and Regional Health Bureau about their vision and goals for SCOPE as the organization grows.  Out of these conversations the idea of an Ethiopian leadership team was born.   We formed a Steering Committee that met each month to discuss SCOPE’s programs, governance, and strategies for improving the lives of people affected by HIV/AIDs and preventing new cases in the Gondar community.  I am overwhelmed by the passion and expertise the Steering Committee has to offer SCOPE and am very excited to witness how their engagement will propel SCOPE forward in the years to come.

Emily Robinson: During my time in Gondar I learned from the work of the SCOPE fellows who had come before, and build on their foundation. I was able to accomplish my goal of evaluating the Soul Fathers as Health Educators project, which informed a plan for expansion of that program. New relationships were formed and old ones were strengthened. While much work was done there is still much left to do, which is an exciting place for SCOPE to be.